About the Baker

​My grandmother, “Gramsie”, started my love of baking and some of my favourite childhood memories are baking with my mom and my grandmother.  Gramsie used to live in the Okanagan (British Columbia) and every summer we used to spend 2 weeks canning fruit and making fruit leathers (old school fruit rolls ups). Then once we used every canning jar in the house, we baked.  We baked pies and cookies and tarts.   In the winter, you couldn’t go without her Scotch Shortbread.  She used to have crystal pedestal candy dishes in what seemed like every room in the house.  And she would open that heavy lead crystal candy dish lid and say “Everything tastes better when served on a pedestal,” then smile and her eye would twinkle.  OK, I was little, but this is how I remember it!  It was these memories that helped me decide what I needed to do after I left my office job to become working-at-home-parent with 3 kids.   

So I started selling cookies at a local Farmer’s Market.   I make unique cookie combinations found online that you just cannot find in a store.  Best of all, it’s fresh!  Everything was always made within 24 hours of the market.  Now, with a Fraser Health Approved Kitchen in my home (it’s a second kitchen), I can now take orders and bake these internet inspired recipes for anyone! I prefer to use local farm fresh eggs as much as possible, local berries and I always use BUTTER! 

​Just remember, I am a HOMEBAKER, therefore I bake what one would bake in their home.  I know lots of people can bake their own items.  They can look on Pinterest and other websites and find great recipes.  Although I am one of the few people that has the time and ability to bake these recipes for you! I still go to Farmer’s Market’s (in the Chilliwack area), and there you will find items that I will bake on a whim.  If you want to order something special, or specific for an occasion, or stock your freezer full of BAKED cookies; just give me a shout and let me start Baking Your Memories.
 We buy many ingredients from local farms or vendors.
Confections of a Homebaker recreates the tastes of your childhood with our delectable treats. Bring us Mom's (or Grandma's) treasured recipe and we will bring it to life using fresh ingredients and a healthy dose of love just for you!  We also love to bake and recreate internet inspirations, or create our own and sell them locally at markets or available for ordering.  In addition, our Corporate Gifts division allows companies to thank their customers for their business in a new and highly customizable program.

About My Kitchen